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Offering remote work abroad as an employee benefit

Remote work abroad (or workation) can be a progressive and flexible option to add to the benefits package of your employees, giving you an advantage in today's competitive talent market.

Why should companies offer workation as a benefit to their employees?

As an HR manager, you understand the importance of providing attractive employee benefits that foster a positive work environment and increase employee satisfaction. Offering temporary remote work abroad (also known as "workation") as a benefit has many advantages for your company. Not only does it promote work-life balance, but it also has a positive impact on productivity, morale and loyalty. By including this new working style in your benefits package, you are creating an environment that values employee wellbeing and flexibility. Workplaces that allow employees to recharge their batteries, while still fulfilling their work responsibilities, report increased job satisfaction and a reduction in employee burnouts; ultimately leading to a better working culture and improved retention rates. In addition, workations can increase creativity and innovation as employees gain new perspectives and experiences while working in different environments.

What challenges have to be considered when offering workations as a benefit?

As the demand for temporary remote work abroad has grown in recent years, many employers have struggled with the complexities involved. From banning it altogether, to unnecessarily restricting the offer, to not tracking it at all; we have seen all sorts of unsuccessful attempts to navigate through the grey zone of remote work abroad. Limiting remote work abroad to just a few days or weeks a year can still create many legal risks for companies and employees alike. Depending on factors such as company and employee tax implications, social security requirements, data security regulations, country-specific employment and immigration laws, and so on, reviewing each employee request for remote work abroad can be exhausting without a software tool, but necessary. This is where Vamoz can help make working abroad a compliant and official employee benefit by offering a comprehensive risk assessment and workflow management tool for HR teams.

Using our tool for risk assessment and request management

Enabling remote work abroad in a compliant and effortless way has never been this easy.

How can Vamoz help enable workations in our company?

The Vamoz software tool is designed to streamline the process of offering workations as an official employee benefit. With our user-friendly platform, HR managers can minimise the associated risks and administrative efforts, ensuring a seamless experience for both employees and their company. Vamoz enables employees to easily submit workation requests, and HR managers can make quick, well-informed decisions regarding the approval and rejection of these requests. One of the key features of our software is its focus on legal compliance. We understand the importance of adhering to employment laws and regulations when it comes to workations. Our software ensures potential risks for your company and employees are identified. With our comprehensive tool, you can confidently offer workations as a benefit, knowing that necessary legal requirements are considered.

How does our tool work?

We offer a web-based application that can be implemented within a very short time and customised to your company-specific needs. Your employees can then submit their workation requests by filling out the questionnaire which triggers a thorough risk assessment, checking more than 85 data points to provide you with enough information to make an informed approval or rejection decision. If a request is approved, the employee is guided through the next steps that need to be taken before starting their journey. A rejection of the request results in informing the employee of the reasons why their workation demand cannot be fulfilled. As an additional service, we can also provide the necessary forms for remote work abroad.

What destinations does our tool cover?

We currently offer more than 65 destinations within and outside the EU for employees based in Switzerland, meaning that they can request temporary remote work from all over the world, giving you the opportunity to officially offer workations whenever legally permitted. Is an employee requesting to work from a country that is not yet in our system? We regularly expand our offering based on your needs and will consider any new suggestions!

Do you have more questions?

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