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Vamoz provides intelligent solutions for HR to enable work from anywhere.

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What is Vamoz?

A tool that makes remote work abroad easy

Whether you want to offer workations as a benefit, make business travel compliant or stay on top of cross-border commuters - Vamoz takes care of it.



Temporary remote work abroad, aka "workation", is an invaluable non-monetary benefit for your employees, but it comes with many legal challenges.


Business trips

Business trips are essential for corporate growth and employee development, but they present numerous regulatory complexities.



Cross-border commuting offers unique opportunities for workforce flexibility but is accompanied by complex legal and tax implications.


What are the risks?

Allowing your team to work from abroad comes with many legal challenges - every case has an individual risk footprint depending on a wide range of factors.

Why Vamoz?

Automate compliance, save time & money.

Ensure compliance with the latest social security, tax and labour regulations without burdening your HR team with additional administrative work.

Risk assessment

Get a thorough, legally defensible, yet easy-to-understand risk assessment for every trip so you can make quick, informed decisions about approvals and denials.

Preview of the Vamoz Mobile App Risk Assessment

Request management

Keep track of all your employees' remote work requests, get reminders about pending cases you need to review, and never miss a deadline again.

Preview of the Vamoz Mobile App Case Management View

A1 form automation

Eliminate time-consuming manual processes, minimize human errors in data entry and simplify application management and monitoring.

Preview of the A1 form automation feature on mobile devices

Custom policy

Personalise the tool to suit your organisation's needs by providing custom rules, tasks and notifications for your team.

Preview of the Vamoz Mobile App Case Policy Settings
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In case you're wondering: Not only do we ensure your compliance, we're also GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified.

Getting started

Fast & assisted onboarding

Implementing Vamoz in your organization is very easy, and as part of the setup, we will assess your company's specific needs and customise the tool accordingly.

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Not convinced yet?

Don't take our word for it - see what others have to say about Vamoz.

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Want to learn more?

We've got you covered! Check out our blog to learn everything you need to know about remote work abroad and more.


Feb 15, 2024 · Johanna Bengtson

The nuts and bolts of A1 form automation: simple, fast, compliant

In a world where cross-border working is becoming increasingly common, automating the A1 form is an essential solution to ensure compliance and simplify processes. This blog post looks at how companies can benefit from automated solutions by leaving manual processing behind and opting for efficiency, speed and legal compliance.

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Statue symbolizing law

Feb 19, 2024 · Johanna Bengtson

Navigating the Legal Maze of Remote Work: A Comprehensive Guide to Compliance

Starting a workation adventure involves more than just understanding the risks of compliance. One must navigate through complex laws that were made before the idea of "workations" even existed. These "old" laws weren't created with the flexibility of short-term work abroad in mind, leading to confusion and grey areas in the legal standards. This blog post goes into detail about the main legal issues employers face and the challenges of applying the existing regulations to today's workers who are on the move. Get ready to tackle these challenges head-on, making anywhere in the world your office.

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Feb 14, 2024 · Dr. Daniel Dietrich

Workation & Co: How companies and employees benefit from flexible working models

In today's fast-paced working world, flexible working models such as Workation are not just a trend, but a necessity. They offer a win-win situation for companies and their employees by increasing productivity, reducing costs and improving work-life balance at the same time. This blog post looks at how such models can be implemented and the benefits they bring.

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