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VAMOZ provides intelligent solutions to enable remote work abroad. Interested? Join the waitlist or book a demo.

What is VAMOZ?

VAMOZ is an out-of-the-box solution for people who are able to work from home, but occasionally want to work from somewhere else. Whether that means from the beach in Mexico or from a relatives house by the sea. Something that seems easy, technically, is a legal grey zone that can bring all sorts of complications.

Key benefits for companies

Given that Remote has become a new reality, firms have to deal with increasing demand regarding remote work abroad: to visit family or experience work in a different location.
However, remote work abroad also is a highly cost-effective, growth-oriented incentive that is proven to increase employee flexibility, creativity, and achievement of personal life-goals while being committed to work.

  • Employer Branding

    A highly topical, non-monetary benefit to attract and retain top talent by differentiating from your competitors.

  • Cost & time reduction

    An automated process for managing requests, which saves costs, minimises HR work and boosts productivity.

  • Legal transparency

    A risk-assessed way to implement an efficient and compliant work-from-abroad-policy.

Works in 3 simple steps

Easy as a piece of cake: Vamoz provides a simple 3-step process to make remote work abroad legally transparent. This allows HR managers to offer an integrated, seamless process to onboard, approve, and manage travel-bound employees.

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Enabling remote work abroad.

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