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Vamoz provides intelligent solutions for HR to enable work from anywhere. Interested? Join the waitlist, book a demo or send us your questions about workations:

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Temporary remote work abroad, aka "workation", is an invaluable non-monetary benefit for your employees, but it comes with many legal challenges and administrative headaches for HR teams - we are here to help you manage this black box in an easy and compliant way!

Workation Software Solution

Our software solution

Vamoz offers you a comprehensive web-based solution to manage all your employees' requests to work abroad. We help you to minimise any risk for your company and your people, from submitting requests including company specific requirements to making informed decisions for HR and guiding employees through the entire preparation process (e.g. social security forms, visa, tax considerations)!

remote work abroad from anywhere

Unlocking flexibility for everyone

Our mission is to help your HR department enable employees to work more flexibly and promote work-life balance for greater productivity and wellbeing in the workplace. Do you want to work efficiently from a beach in Mexico for three months? We did it - and we want everyone else to do it too!

remote work abroad from anywhere
Workation Challenges Legal Administrative

No more headaches

What policies should we create around working abroad? Do we need to limit the length of workations to be on the safe side? What are the necessary forms? Well, stop wondering and check out our FAQ section for answers to the most common questions about temporary remote work abroad.

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Enabling remote work abroad.

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